Unique Sorensenite - Fluoresces Yellow Under Longwave

As if sorensenite isn't unique enough - only found in one location in the world: Greenland - this piece is the first I have ever seen that is fluorescent a bright yellow under longwave UV (UVA). Sorensenite is a rare, beryllium-tin silicate only found in the Ilimaussaq Complex in Greenland, and only in a few areas. Normally it is nicely fluorescent a creme color (yellowish white) under shortwave and not at all (or maybe weakly) fluorescent under longwave. Usually found embedded in a tough analcime matrix and often found with uranyl activated green fluorescence. Some pieces will have minor sodalite associated, and really special pieces can be found with associated tugtupite.

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The first two pics show closeup views under longwave and white light. The gallery shows the entire specimen under shortwave, longwave, white light, and a size pic.

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