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World-class fluorescent & phosphorescent selenite from Manitoba, Canada

Pristine, complete all around, world-class specimen of golden gypsum var. selenite from the Red River Floodway, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The specimen consists of a "ball" of thin gypsum crystals, surrounded with large, thick crystals radiating from the center, forming a flower-like overall appearance. The specimen is devoid of any damage, and the large crystals show a really nice transparency. Brighly fluorescent under all wavelengths, and strongly phosphorescent as well. The longwave UV phosphorescence is green, and the shortwave UV phosphorescence is greenish-blue. The color difference between the longwave UV and shortwave UV response is much more subtle.

Size: 11 cm X 10,9 cm X 6,4 cm

Shown, respectively: Shortwave UV fluorescence, SW UV phosphorescence, longwave UV fluorescence, LW UV phosphorescence, Visible light.

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