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Yttrofluorite, Joseph Mine, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico

Yttrofluorite is a variety of fluorite in which the rare earth element yttrium substitutes for some of the calcium in the fluorite (CaF2) structure. This specimen consists of a solid piece of white to pale green yttrofluorite with no matrix. This piece was collected in 2000 at the Joseph Mine, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, and measures 64 x 47 x 34 mm and weighs 115 grams.

As shown in the following photographs, this yttrofluorite specimen shows a multi-colored, multi-wavelength fluorescent response under UV.

Larger view of the yttrofluorite specimen shown under visible light.

Bright pale yellow fluorescence under short wave UV (254 nm).

Pale blue fluorescence under mid wave UV (302 nm).

Blue fluorescence under long wave UV (365 nm).

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