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Zinc Minerals Willemite and Smithsonite from Tsumeb, Namibia.

Green Willemite and white-tan Smithsonite -as described in Robbins (1994). Willemite covers about half of the surface of the specimen and consists of several crystals (most of them sub-millimeter). There are several cavities/vugs.


  • Yellow under LW and MW (best in MW)

  • Sky-blue in SW

  • Very phosphorescent (2nd pic)

Smithsonite covers the other side. Hundreds of white and tan crystals of about 1mm fluoresce a vivid blue under SW. Purple hue is also evident. MW and LW are not significant. Strongly phosphorescent after SW. Purchased at the Vienna Mineral show for 20E. (<gasp>)

Size: 80 x 50 x 35 mm

weight: 255g

(Photos by, and from the collection of Stefano Barbara)

Willemite under Midwave - Tsumeb, Namibia


Willemite under White Light - Tsumeb, Namibia

White light

Willemite under Shortwave - Tsumeb, Namibia




Smithsonite under White Light (2nd side) - Tsumeb, Namibia

White light side2

Smithsonite under Shortwave (2nd side) - Tsumeb, Namibia

Shortwave Side2

Smithsonite under SW Close (2nd side) - Tsumeb, Namibia

SW Close

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