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Sodalite Mineral Group

Study of Luminescence and the Photochromic Properties (Tenebrescence)

The start for this study and the resulting eBook was an unusual luminescence in a piece of photochromic sodalite (HPE specimen) from the Koksha area in Afghanistan. You can see the effect in this short Youtube movie. Because more minerals in the sodalite group have special effects, the study has been expanded to the “common” minerals of this family. Unless otherwise mentioned all photographs and images in this book are made by the authors.

Click the link to the right to open the ePub file in your browser.  If you don't have an ePub reader you can easily add it to Chrome.  Read epub files directly in the browser - EPUBReader is a fast and lightweight HTML5 based ebook reader.

Or you can view it with the PDF viewer below:

Sodalite - Afghanistan

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