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Missing Esperite Alert! (Not an ad, a Public Service Announcement)

Normally we post fluorescent pictures as a happy thing, this time we have to post a not so happy notification asking for assistance. The piece shown went missing on Feb. 10th, at the close of the Fluorescent Mineral Society (FMS) meeting at the Church of the Painted Hills in Tucson, AZ. We are assuming it was liberated by a sticky fingered attendee but it is possible that it was accidently picked up. Regardless, we need everyone’s assistance in locating the missing esperite specimen owned by Mark Leger. The piece is approximately 3.5” x 3.5” x 4” in size and is from the Franklin Mine. The body of the specimen is esperite, with some willemite and franklinite. It was last seen in a 4” x 4” white box. The attached photos shows the esperite fluorescing bright yellow under Short Wave ultraviolet, with a streak of green willemite. The other photo shows the specimen under white light.

If you have seen this specimen, or anyone offers to sell it to you, or you have ANY information concerning its location, or who might have it, please contact Mark Leger at (908) 914-6741, or e-mail him at; , or contact any of the FMS board members. You may also contact the Tucson Police Department, Officer Joseph Gradias, badge # 53657, phone (520) 484-3488, and reference Police Report Number 1702110602.

If you have this specimen, we are willing to accept its return anonymously. To avoid prosecution, please mail the piece to the:

Fluorescent Mineral Society P.O. Box 572694 Tarzana, CA 91357-2694

If you have the piece, please know that a very large portion of the fluorescent world is already aware of the missing specimen and the probability of selling the piece without being exposed is not a viable option. Also know that there was surveillance video in the meeting hall during the evening, as well as still photos of all attendees, along with an attendee contact list. All of which will be turned over to the Tucson Police Department for their theft investigation.

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