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Willemite Calcite and ??? from the Third Plain Zinc Prospect - Australia

Graham Fraser added 39 photos to Facebook - copied most of them here A whole album from one rock! It's from Third Plain Zinc Prospect (70km from Puttapa in South Australia). This area has been prospected and drilled several times but the result has always been "Uneconomic". Most specimens from there are surface rocks, a few from a couple of dozer cuts. See last 3 pics. Just as astronomers optimise photos of galaxies I have adjusted brightness in some pics. I usually have the UV lamp only a few cm from the specimen so my pics are normally bright enough not to need adjusting. I have not interfered with colours - and never do. All pics are SW or MW. Apart from the obvious willemite and calcite I have no idea what minerals are present. The yellow stuff in pics 14 and 15 is a mystery. If you use your imagination you will see my reaction to this rock in a couple of the pics. Toyota eat your heart out!

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