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Calcite, Fluorite and Sphalerite- Rosiclare, Illinois

This is a mixed specimen containing calcite, fluorite, sphalerite and likely other minerals. It was self-collected in 2015 at the tailings pile, Rosiclare Lead and Fluorspar Mining Co., Rosiclare, Illinois. This piece shows a similar fluorescent response under SW, MW and LW UV- the fluorite is yellow, calcite pink/orange and also blue/white, and sphalerite mustard yellow/orange. There is also an unknown mineral that shows a blue phosphorescent response following exposure to SW UV. 74.9 x 45.4 x 38.6 mm, 176 gms.

In the gallery of images above, the specimen is shown under long wave UV (upper left), mid wave UV (upper right), short wave UV (lower left), and phosphorescence after short wave UV (lower right). Click on each individual image for a larger view.

Same specimen shown under visible light.

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