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Smithsonite Rich El Refugio With Minor Willemite

Rumor has it that this mine [Chihuahua, Mexico] has been dynamited by the Mexican Gendarmes. Evidently it was being used for storage by the drug cartel - office supplies I suspect. The piece has a pink smithsonite hue in daylight and is as rugged as most ore from this locale. Shortwave fluorescence is the only one pictured as it doesn't fluoresce when exposed to longwave ultraviolet light and the fluorescence is dim under midwave light. The smithsonite fluoresces in multiple shades of red and purple. There is some green willemite fluorescence and a spot of bright blue hydrozincite [not seen in pictures]. 1 pound and 3 1/2 x 3 x 1 1/2 inches. ISO-100 f/11 2.5 second exposure for the SW fluorescence.

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