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Fluorescent Afghanite Crystals on Calcite, from Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan

This is a spectacular and unique fluorescent specimen that has a lot going on under every UV wavelength. It perhaps shows the greatest variability of fluorescent response under different wavelengths of any piece in my collection. From Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan, it consists of blue Afghanite crystals on a matrix of colorless calcite and other unknown minerals. Nearly everything on this specimen is brightly fluorescent, with the exception of some minor pyrite. The Afghanite shows an orange fluorescent response under LW UV, and the calcite fluoresces bright pink and red under MW and SW UV. There are also other, unknown, fluorescent minerals present that show various blue, orange and white responses under different UV wavelengths. Specimen dimensions 9.4 x 5.4 x 3.0 cm, 118 grams.

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