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Terlingua-type Calcite from an Unusual Location

Collectors of fluorescent minerals are familiar with the beautiful multi-wavelength fluorescent response of Terlingua calcite. By definition, Terlingua calcite shows a bright blue fluorescent response under short wave UV with bright and long-lasting phosphorescence. Under long wave UV it responds with bright pink fluorescence. Terlingua calcite is found in only one place- Terlingua, Texas. Terlingua-type calcite from other locations shows a similar fluorescent/phosphorescent response under UV, and is commonly found in several locations in Mexico, such as Boquillas Del Carmen and Nuevo Leon. However, Terlingua-type calcite has also been found in lesser-known locations, such as Indiana and Ohio in the Midwestern US.

This is a specimen of calcite collected from Southern Ohio that shows a classic Terlingua-type fluorescent response. Although the exact location for this piece is not known with certainty, it was likely collected from the Sugar Creek Stone Quarry, in Washington Court House, a location known for producing Terlingua-type calcite. The size of this specimen is 10.8 x 7.8 x 4.6 cm, and it weighs 390 grams.

Fluorescent and phosphorescent response under various UV wavelengths. Interestingly, the limestone matrix is also fluorescent, most brightly under mid and long wave UV. Mouse over scrolling images for UV wavelength information.

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