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Blue Tip Calcite (Phantoms) - Palmarejo Mine, Mexico

Calcite crystals (two generations, one growing on top of the other) - creating beautiful phantoms. The internal crystal seems to be Mn activated, fluorescing a bright orange. The overlain crystal fluoresces a ghostly blue. The orange calcite glows best SW while the blue calcite is best MW - but looks great under either light. There is also a subdued response LW, and areas and nicely phosphorescent after exposure to SW.

It has twinned crystals and some fish-tail types. The crystals are relatively clear and very well formed with the second generation crystal completely enclosing the first generation crystal. The Palmarejo mine is a gold and silver mine. Palmarejo Mine, Palmarejo, Mun. de Chínipas, Chihuahua, Mexico

Blue Tip Calcite (Phantoms)



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