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Diopside and Calcite, Pitwak Mine, Sar-e-Sang, Badakhshan, Afghanistan

This exceptional fluorescent specimen consists of numerous blocky diopside crystals encrusted upon and embedded within a calcite-marble matrix. From the Pitwak Mine, Sar-e-Sang, Koksha Valley, Badakhshan, Afghanistan. As shown in the photographs below, this piece displays well under all UV wavelengths. This specimen measures 10.5 cm x 8.3 cm x 7.6 cm and weighs 602 grams.

As shown in the above photograph, this specimen is at its best under mid wave UV (302 nm). The diopside fluoresces pale blue/white and the marble matrix shows a contrasting vivid pink response.

Under short wave UV (254 nm) the diopside again fluoresces pale blue/white while the calcite-marble matrix shows a pastel pink response.

Under long wave UV (365 nm) the diopside shows a bright blue/white response and the calcite-marble matrix fluoresces a subdued pastel purple color.

Same specimen shown under visible light. Large, blocky, pale yellow-green diopside crystals sit upon and are embedded within a white calcite-marble matrix. The size of this piece is 10.5 x 8.3 x 7.6 cm.

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