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MultiColor Longwave Minerals

I posted a challenge on Facebook in response to an excellent post showing off a display of LW 365nm minerals. Shown below are several of the excellent photos posted. Visit FB to see a whole bunch more. #LWMulticolor, #LW, #365nm

Let's see your multi-color longwave rocks!

Chris W. made a post showing his LW display a few days ago. I made the observation that most LW rocks are single color; rare to find pieces with multiple bright colors.

Show us what ya got - two colors or more. Brownie points for three or more bright colors. I'll start:

  1. Valerie C. just took some pics of these exquisite calcite crystals on fluorite crystals from Mongolia. I only have this one screen grab. But this is one of my favorite LW pieces

  2. Calcite and sphalerite - Peru

  3. Aragonite on calcite - Italy

  4. Calcite on aragonite - Washington

  5. Ruby on matrix - Pakistan

  6. Barite on calcite - Italy

I was pleasantly surprised (and proven wrong) when dozens of people posting some really fantastic specimens - a sampling shown here: (visit FB for a full description of the rocks, and more pics:

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