Fluorite and Calcite, Stoneco Quarry, Lime City, Ohio

This is an exceptionally bright fluorescent specimen of amber-colored fluorite cubes on a bed of micro calcite crystals, on limestone matrix, from the Stoneco quarry (Maumee Stone Quarry), Lime City, Wood Co., Ohio.  Under short wave UV the fluorite shows a bright white response with bright and long-lasting white phosphorescence, while the calcite fluoresces a cooler blue/white color.  Under MW and LW the fluorescence is warmer and even brighter, with green/yellow phosphorescence.  Even the limestone matrix is fluorescent on this piece.  The size of this specimen is 64 x 57 x 41 mm, and it weighs 143 grams.  Yes, high quality fluorescent specimens can be found in the Midwest!


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