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Links to information about the Fluorescent Mineral Hobby

Links to Sites about Fluorescent Minerals

The links below list web sites, museums, dealers, and others that specialize in fluorescent minerals, and do a great job of it.  If your site is not listed contact us and we will add you (if applicable).  All we ask in return is a reciprocal link to Nature's Rainbows.  This is a great place to share your information as it is seen by over 1,900 Facebook glowhounds (growing every day) from the fluorescent mineral group - you won't find a more targeted group anywhere!

Fluorescent Mineral Dealers, Museums, Lights

The Sterling Hill Mine, now known as the Sterling Hill Mine Tour & Museum of Fluorescence, is a former iron and zinc mine in Ogdensburg, Sussex County, New Jersey, United States.  Sterling Hill Mining Museum is the only New Jersey Museum offering mine tours, mineral collecting, educational classes and historical exhibits great for kids.

The Franklin Mineral Museum in Franklin, New Jersey is a mineral, geology, and mining museum at the former Franklin Mine. It is located in Sussex County, New Jersey.  Official Website of the Franklin Mineral Museum, featuring amazing exhibits of the minerals of Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey, as well as providing visitors on-site collecting.

The Delaware Valley Earth Science Society (DVESS), in cooperation with the Franklin Mineral Museum, invite you to share an internationally famous collecting experience.  This field trip has attracted dedicated collectors from across the globe. Be one of them this year - It WILL be an historic and memorable event!

The Ben E. Clement Mineral Museum is a 501(C)3  organization committed to the preservation of minerals and mining history for the purpose of educating students, educators, and the general public as it relates to the Kentucky/Illinois Fluorspar District and the effect minerals have on the daily lives of the general public.  They have a very large fluorescent display room - a must see!

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Mineral Lights - UV Lights

(Manufacturers listed first)

 Colorgems is a small company started from one collector's hobby and passion, collecting fluorescent minerals. 

Located in Europe, they offer a wide range of UV lighting equipment starting from small portable UV lamps to large UV cabinets.  Colorgems also has a large assortment of fluorescent minerals and jewelry.

The folks at Engenious were hobbyists at first, then realized everyone wanted their lights, there were very few options on the market for affordable UV light fixtures, and even fewer high quality fixtures. So after a bit of trial and error and playing with multiple lights and LEDs Engenious was born.

Compact ultraviolet lamps effective for gem and mineral inspection. These portable inspection lamps feature a powerful, high-intensity LED and a lightweight, yet rugged, anodized aluminum body, to minimize corrosion and assure long shop life.

UV SYSTEMS, Inc. brings you a complete line of high-technology ultraviolet lighting products and component parts. Treat yourself to the best equipment in the ultraviolet spectrum. Check our specifications. You will see exceptional quality comes at an affordable price.

Ultraviolet Tools LLC manufactuer of specialized ultraviolet lighting fixtures.  Fluorescent mineral supplier from rocks from around the world.

Roll your own lights if you're technical enough.

Looking for a powerful longwave 365nm display light?  Check out the Ultra-365LW LED Distributed Lighting System -

Mineralight® UV Lamps and Cabinets for Viewing  Rocks and Minerals.  UVP manufactures a large selection of Mineralight® UV Lamps to brilliantly fluorescence rocks and gems. A wide range of portable, handheld and display models are available plus ultraviolet cabinets for viewing samples in a darkroom environment. 

Long wave UV is what the Hoplite365 delivers in huge amounts. It makes those minerals go crazy. Prospecting in an area with long wave minerals, such as Franklin and Sterling Hill, NJ, at night is an absolute blast!

UV Flashlights to Display lights - We custom build all lamps in our shop in AZ.  We are a small company with a huge commitment to customer satisfaction.

Distributor of Way Too Cool mineral Lights

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Mineral Lights
Information and Education about Fluorescent Minerals

Welcome to the EDUV Studio.  I hope that you enjoy these beautiful photographs of fluorescent minerals as much as I do.  Come explore the Studio and observe the beauty of many flourescent rocks from around the world. 

The only Museum of it's kind in the world, "Electric Ladyland - the First Museum of Fluorescent Art" houses a large room-sized Fluorescent Environment that the visitor enters, becomes a part of the piece of Art, and then experiences "Participatory Art." 

A public FB discussion group managed by the Fluorescent Mineral Society (FMS).  Our group include collectors, dealers, scientists, and folks that just enjoy looking at pretty rocks, from all over the world - no need to be a member of the FMS to join.

Great explanation of the science behind fluorescence and phosphorescence. Helmenstine, Anne Marie, Ph.D. "Fluorescence Versus Phosphorescence." ThoughtCo. (accessed December 12, 2017).

The Fluorescent Mineral Society is an international organization of professional mineralogists, gemologists, amateur collectors, and others who study and collect fluorescent minerals.

The Franklin-Ogdensburg Mineralogical Society, Inc. (FOMS) provides programs designed to benefit the community, mineral collectors, and others interested in the minerals, mineralogy, and geology of the Franklin-Ogdensburg area of New Jersey

Only a small fraction of minerals are fluorescent. Small amounts of impurities called activators are required for many minerals to fluoresce. Different activators can produce different colors in the same mineral.
To see a colorful slide show with a variety of fluorescent minerals...

For ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence photography, all you need is a UV excitation source and a UV barrier filter. In fact UV UV-induced visible fluorescence photography has never been more accessible than it is today, and combining this with extreme macro has the potential for some fascinating and unusual macro images. ... 

The Mineral & Gem Society of Castro Valley was established in 1948 as a non-profit and educational organization.

Our purpose is to:

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of the earth sciences pertaining to minerals, gems, fossils, rocks, geology, and related subjects

  • Encourage the practical art of cutting, grinding, and polishing of these materials and their use in the design and creation of jewelry or art

  • Encourage members' participation in displaying and exhibiting their work for public educational purposes

  • Encourage field trips to study rocks, minerals, fossils, and the geology in natural geological settings

  • Encourage and assist junior members in furthering their interest in minerals, gems, and related subjects

Mineralogy4Kids - The BEST Place to Learn about Rocks and Minerals
Presented by the Mineralogical Society of America

Fluorescent rocks collected from a single mine in the mountains of southern Arizona. The rocks consist of calcite, aragonite, and barite with minor amounts of opal, wulfenite, and amphiboles. The fluorescence is the result of minor impurities in the minerals slightly altering chemical bonds in the crystal structures of the minerals.

The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom is a free informational and educational guide to rocks, minerals, gemstones, and jewelry. This site has been providing detailed information and photos of hundreds of mineral and gemstone since 1997 and is one of the leading education resources on minerals and gemstones.

The Mineralogical Society of Antwerp has invested much in the "Fluorescent Minerals Workgroup".  Our goal is to gather as much information as possible about luminescence and its causes and present it to the public.  The acquisition of a spectrometer and the necessary literature allow us to make an important contribution to the reservoir of knowledge that is available to the mineral collector on the Internet.

A Database including Spectrographic datai! - gives an exhaustive and systematic list of the characteristics of luminescent minerals and information on activators and spectra. A public free database as complete as possible with many search possibilities.

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Mineral Dealers
Mineral Dealers

We are more than just another on-line* "rock shop" but a culture of mineral collectors (from serious to amateurs).  WE TRULY ROCK!  pun intended :-) 

Specializing in multicolor fluorescent minerals from the Puttapa zinc mine in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia

Thousands of great fluorescent minerals from hundreds of sellers

Often imitated, but never duplicated, is the Original Mineralman. In business as Mineralman since 1995, Mr Warriner is pleased to help you begin, continue or complete your collection with common, rare and exotic specimens.

Fluorescent minerals from Greenland and the World. Tugtupite, Hackmanite, and other rare species a specialty.

Franklin / Sterling Hill / Canadian Specimens for sale

Polman Minerals is your professional source for fluorescent minerals and ultraviolet lamps.

Polman Minerals is an authorized dealer for ultraviolet lamps manufactured by:
Way Too Cool and UVP, LLC.

Links to some of the best rock and mineral web sites....

Fluorescent Mineral Kits, Way Too Cool UV lamps and flashlights, Books, Educational materials and Kids' favorites,

Now a total of 21 pages of interesting material including sections of rare apatites and calcites and 9 pages of fluorescent minerals for sale

The World of Fluorescent Minerals

Fluorescent Terlingua Calcite from the Little 38 mine

Fluorescent minerals, large display specimens, custom illuminated display stands

Presentations, Fluorescent minerals and UV lights, Rebuild and repair of most brands of lights

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